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Baptiste Gaultier
Alejandro Lampropulos
Nicolas Montavont
Alexander Pelov
Laurent Toutain

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SmarTB arch
  • Research project started in early 2011
  • Goal : design and develop an electric measurement system
    ↳ monitor and control the energy consumption of a university campus
  • Each power plug of the site is equipped with a sensor to monitor the consumed electricity
  • The collected power values are sent over an IEEE 802.15.4 wireless mesh network – over an IPv6 network
  • The power readings can be viewed through a web-app which allows the users to explore both current (in real time) and past energy


  • A wireless sensor for energy monitoring
  • Based on the platform Arduino
  • Network stack : IEEE 802.15.4, 6LoWPAN, RPL, IPv6, CoAP
  • IEEE 802.15.4 enabled base stations may be used to aggregate, consolidate and process the data sent by the sensors


  • An open-source web-app for energy monitoring
  • Processing, logging and visualizing energy, temperature and other environmental data
  • Fully documented REST API
  • PHP, MySQL, HTML5/CSS3, Ajax, SVG
  • Github :

Ongoing work

The next steps of the project are to use this measurement system to integrate energy production and to add a control system to switch on or off the devices in an intelligent manner, in regards with the energy production. This sensor network will be a playground for future smart grids where the energy consumption can be adapted to the energy production.

Technical stuff

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